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Activities & Sports

There are lots of activities to do on Margarita Island so if your planning on doing any here are some to choose from:

Surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, quad biking, horseback riding out in the wilds of Macanao, Jeep safari, play some golf at the course just 15 minutes away from our bed and breakfast. Or see some local ones very near to Los Mangos click here

Or if you would like a trip to the mainland, by far the most popular excursions from Margarita Island are either Los Roques, Canaima and Angel Falls.

We can help you arrange all these activities with reliable people and companies that are established on the island.

If you have some free time  be sure to explore some of the other little towns and beaches on the island that most tourists don’t get the opportunity to see.

Places to visit on Margarita

Visit the interesting town of La Asuncion

Take a taxi (or a bus) to Plaza Bolivar in La Asuncion. This quiet town is actually the capital of the state (Nueva Esparta) and is located in a valley making it very fertile and green. Plan to spend a couple of hours wandering through the museums around the plaza, where here is one of the most important religious buildings on the Island The Cathedral of Our Lady, built in 1.571. the Virgin of La Asunción is worshiped here, the Cathedral has been declared a historical city monument (widely believed to be the second oldest surviving colonial church in the country), walking amidst the colorfully painted houses. There is also a very nice Artisans shop on the corner of the plaza. Inside is a cafe where you can get some good food. Just outside of La Asunsion (just follow the signs from the plaza) you will find the beautiful Castillo de Santa Rosa. The fort is only about a 15 minute walk from the plaza but is uphill. An alternative to the walk is to get your taxi driver to make a stop on your way out of the city. Although the fort is not spectacular, some old cannons, ball and chains and the fabulous views make it worth a visit. Admission is free (although there is a place for donations, have 1000 Bs available) and a visit the Castillo de Santa Rosa will not take you more that 15 or 20 minutes.

Visit the beautiful national park of La Restinga

Although tours are available to the park it is cheaper and incredibly easy to do this trip independently. Simply take a taxi (or a bus) to La Restinga and approach on of the many boat drivers who will take you on either a half hour or hour long tour of the mangroves.  Plan on 2 and a half hours at the park. This will give you enough time to take the hour long boat ride (well worth the extra money!) and spend a bit of time on the beach. This tour consists of a half hour boat tour after which your boat driver will drop you off at a fine shell beach for as long as you choose (make sure to arrange the pick up time). Although this beach was interesting and worth the visit, more than an hour or two would certainly be too long – there are much better beaches on margarita for both swimming and suntanning. . The taxi ride from Porlamar takes about 45 minutes and costs vary. Buses run regularly from Porlamar and costs are very reasonable. You will find that the best time to visit the park is around 2 o’clock in the afternoon as the light is excellent for photographs. The park closes at 5 o’clock so be certain to leave yourself enough time.

Watch a spectacular sunset

Take a taxi to the Fortin de la Galera (free admission) just north of Juan Griego. This fort is perched high on a hill and is renowned for its beautiful view of the sunset. If you arrive around 6pm you should be just in time for a spectacular view of the panoramic sunset. Be sure to bring a camera!

Go for a drive

Hire a taxi driver who will take you on a drive of the north eastern tip of the island near Manzanillo. Get him/her to stop frequently as there are some gorgeous look off points that provide spectacular photo taking opportunities.

Spend an afternoon at Guacuco beach

This beach is less touristy than Playa El Agua and is a favorite of the locals. With its crystal waters and exciting waves.
A lovely way to laze away the day.

Walk up the Guayamuri mountain

At Los Mangos guest house you will be staying close to the Guayamuri mountain, not the highest one, but well known as the witch mountain of the island, the walk is not easy to do, but  you will gain a wonderful view to the caribic and the nicest beaches, truly a magical view.  The rest will stay with your imagination for a long time.


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